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Teachers are often the first ones to spot seizure activity in children since it is often difficult to detect and can look like daydreaming. Nationwide, 45,000 children are diagnosed with epilepsy every year. Statistics say that 1% has epilepsy - so if you interact with more than 100 children a day, chances are you have a child with a seizure disorder.


We conduct one-hour seizure recognition and first aid trainings for school personnel. In this training, you can expect to learn:

  • To recognize the different types of seizures and differentiating them from daydreaming
  • First aid for all types of seizures
  • Special needs that students with epilepsy have, such as having an Individualized Education Plan

We will show you a DVD that includes real footage of students having seizures that will aid you in recognizing the many different types. Bring us in for an in-service training day and educate your staff members so that when a seizure occurs, everyone will be more prepared and less scared!

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Epilepsy program for school-aged children.


We think that teaching our youth about seizures will help the next generation to have fewer stigmas about people with epilepsy. It is so important that everyone learn that epilepsy is not a mental illness and is not contagious. Knowing what a seizure looks like and what to do if someone has a seizure can empower a person. Knowledge is power and we want to help today's students.


Bring in our education director today to teach your students about epilepsy. We can tailor our message for as young as kindergarten and as old as college-aged students. With young students, we stress the importance of being a friend to someone who has epilepsy. For older students, we teach first aid and the science behind a seizure.

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Education from Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee


Thank you to the following schools that have invited us in to give a training session:


Brainerd High School


Hamilton Co. School Nurses


Lookout Valley Middle High School


Athens City Schools


East Ridge Elementary


Soddy Daisy High School ROTC


Cleveland State Community College




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