Support Group

Knowing that you are not alone is very helpful when dealing with seizure activity.


Come meet other people in Chattanooga who are affected by seizures. Come to teach and to learn! Come to encourage and to be encouraged!


We meet monthly and discuss group-member-requested topics concerning epilepsy:
Medications, treatment, insurance and financial issues, legal rights, teen issues, SSDI, epilepsy in the schools and workplace and many others!


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Previous Support Group Topics


December 6, 2013

We had our yearly Holiday Party!  These are the folks who brought an ornament for our Ornament Shuffle.




November 7, 2013

Dr. Gina Delgardo, neuropsychologist, spoke to us about the cognitive effects of both seizure activity and anti-seizure medications. (No group photo available)



October 3, 2013

Jo Grant, pediatric nurse practitioner, spoke to us about the VNS device.




September 5, 2013

Dr. Kundu, Epileptologist, spoke to us about general seizure information that is important to know.



July 24, 2013

We had our yearly outing:  a Chattanooga Lookouts game!



July 11, 2013

Janice Cruden, disability advocate for Disability Solutions shared  some great information with us about the best ways to prepare yourself to apply for disabillity.  We also discussed the differences between SSI and SSDI.




June 7, 2013

Lisa Morgan, Service Coordinator with Chattanooga Brain Injury Association, helped us understand what brain injuries look like, and how epilepsy can be connected to it.




May 2, 2013

James and Christy Howard, personal experience with brain surgery as treatment



April 4, 2013

Personal Experience night



March 7, 2013

Jessie Steele, with Therapeutic Recreational Services





February 7, 2013

Allen Broome, pharmacist for Erlanger





January 3, 2013

Dr. Paul Knowles:  Pediatric Neurologist





November 1, 2012

Sophia Gross from TN Career Center




October 4, 2012

Kim Chapman and her personal testimony




September 6, 2012

Jean Ann McAfee and Sheba with Paws With a Cause




Check back at this site more often for updates to know what we will be discussing each month.

Join us the first Thursday of every month at 5:30p.m.


Please RSVP no later than 2 days before 

Siskin Hospital
One Siskin Plaza
Chattanooga, TN 37403
Outpatient Conference Room – 1st Floor

Please use the Outpatient Entrance.

Call (423) 634-1772 for more information or to let us know that you are coming!





Map of downtown Chattanooga leading to Siskin




Epilepsy Support Group: Chattanooga 1st Thursdays at 5:30p.m.



August 7 Support Group

We are coming together to play some games.  Bring your group and table games, and a snack.  We will provide the drink.  Come have some fun in the cool A/C!!


**WEDNESDAY** September 10 Support Group

Debra Moser-Finney, program and education manager with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) will speak and answer questions about how far employers must go in order to accomodate someone who requires some adaptations, how much you must tell a possible employer, why they are allowed to dismiss an employee, what action you can take if you have concerns, and more.


October 2 Support Group

Dr. Chris Young, neuropsychologist for Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation will speak about and answer your questions about family dynamics, especially sybling relationships when a family member has epilepsy, and when a teen is affected by epilepsy.


December 4 Holiday Party

Bring your friends and family and join us for a Holiday Celebration.  We will have carol singing, an ornament swap, and great food!