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Here are some current needs that YOU can help fill:

  • Internships are available for social media and social services students.
  • We regularly need clerical help in the office for a variety of things.
  • Make phone calls in the office to help update information we have.
  • Join our CAP (Community Action Partnerships) group to meet regularly and make things happen in the community!
  • Drive a person to support group. Many people with epilepsy rely on others to help them with transportation and cannot make it to support group without help.
  • Do you know of a place where our educator can come speak about seizure recognition and first aid? Your child’s classroom? School? Office? Business? Let us know! Help us to make connections in our community to aid people who have seizures!
  • Tell people about us!

Click here to get our volunteer application.

We are a very small office, and rely on the generosity of people like you.

To help, or get more information, please connect with Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee directly.