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Board Opportunities

Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee seeks to have a strong, thriving Board of Directors, in order to move forward and extend our reach in the community we serve.

Our board meets quarterly, and is made of committees who focus on all aspects of our mission.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee is now accepting applications for new board members.


  • To ensure that the Epilepsy Foundation meets its corporate responsibilities and works in the most effective manner to achieve its mission


  • Determine the strategic direction for the Epilepsy Foundation to achieve its mission
  • Monitor the work of Executive Director and participate on Board committees to ensure that strategic goals and objectives are met
  • Retain and evaluate an Executive Director to lead staff in conducting the work of the Foundation
  • Approve and monitor the budget
  • Monitor fiscal controls and ensure accountability
  • Commit to supporting the fund raising necessary for the Foundation to achieve its mission
  • Be a personal advocate for people with epilepsy and the Foundation


  • Attend Board meetings and committee meetings regularly (meetings held quarterly)
  • Review and question reports
  • Participate actively on the Board of Directors
  • Help raise funds and contribute personally at the level of $100 or more per year.

 REPORTS TO                                     

  • Board of Directors President


  • Board members, Executive Director


  • Knowledge of and influence within specific areas
  • Commitment to the epilepsy movement
  • Willingness to serve and contribute both time and money

We are currently accepting applications for board members.  If you are interested in applying, please contact our Executive Director at 423-634-1771, or send us an e-mail.  We look forward to hearing from you.