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Mickey McCamish

Executive Director, joined our team in July of 2008 after spending 27 years in the Navy, retiring as a Captain in 1992 and then as the President and CEO of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday in South Carolina for 15 years. There is a history of epilepsy in his family and Mickey is now dedicated to raising awareness and giving back to the Chattanooga community which is his hometown. McCamish spends his hours and days (and early, early mornings) speaking to the community about his experiences and helping to raise the needed funds for the foundation to operate. He is passionate about the cause of epilepsy and will serve others any way he can. To reach Mickey, please call (423) 634-1771.




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Rita Moore

Rita Moore has a love and passion for social services and is our Education Services Director. She was hired in July of 2012 and  is very passionate about helping people with epilepsy. During her previous job, she worked for the Salvation Army doing long term disaster recovery case management. She directs the epilepsy education programs and is eager to talk to you about how the Foundation can help you. You can reach Rita at (423) 634-1772.