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           Mickey McCamish

Executive Director, joined our team in July of 2008 after spending 27 years in the Navy, retiring as a Captain in 1992 and then as the President and CEO of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday in South Carolina for 15 years. There is a history of epilepsy in his family and Mickey is now dedicated to raising awareness and giving back to the Chattanooga community which is his hometown. McCamish spends his hours and days (and early, early mornings) speaking to the community about his experiences and helping to raise the needed funds for the foundation to operate. He is passionate about the cause of epilepsy and will serve others any way he can. To reach Mickey, please e-mail mmccamish@epilepsy-setn.org or call 423-634-1771.


Sedara Bond

Director of Client Support Services, joined the team in October 2014 after having spent several years working as a medical assistant in doctors’ offices with patients.  She brings a Business Management with a concentration in marketing to the Foundation.  One of Sedara’s closest friends has a daughter and father with epilepsy. Sedara has a passion for helping others which is a driving force that has kept her passionate about her work with the Epilepsy Foundation. To reach Sedara, please email sbond@epilepsy-setn.org or call 423-634-1772.  Fax 423-634-1774.


Shawnessey Cargile                                       

Epilepsy Educator, joined the team in October of 2014 after spending several years as a high  school teacher and chaplain.  Because of seeing the experiences that a close friend of his has with epilepsy, Shawnessey is passionate about sharing epilepsy awareness and advocating for those who are fighting the condition.  To reach Shawnessey, please e-mail or call 423-838-0113