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Seniors’ Caregivers

A lot of “senior moments” may in fact be seizures.

Did you know that over 300,000 seniors are affected with epilepsy? About 50,000 new cases of epilepsy occur in people aged 60 and above each year, and a significant number of additional cases go undiagnosed.

Training Purpose:  Seniors and Seizures Training Program is designed to help staff and caregivers understand the needs of older adults that live with or are at risk for epilepsy. It provides basic, straightforward information about epilepsy.

Since epilepsy is commonly under-diagnosed in older adults, this training also raises awareness of the signs and symptoms that may lead to an epilepsy diagnosis and appropriate treatment. 

Participants will:

  • Assess basic knowledge of epilepsy in older adults.
  • Define what a seizure is and list various causes.
  • Increase understanding of epilepsy.
  • Recognize various seizure types.
  • Explore unique ways epilepsy impacts older adults.
  • Know how to respond to seizures.
  • Plan steps to increase awareness to better serve older adults with seizures.

Source:  Epilepsy Foundation of America

The program is one hour long, and includes a pre and post test to measure learning, a slide presentation, video footage of seizure activity, and a Q & A session.

We will come to your facility and present the training for your staff.   It is our goal to accommodate your schedule as much as possible.  Please connect with Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee to schedule a training.