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Information Materials

Your health care team, your local Epilepsy Foundation, government organizations, are examples of where you can find support, information and other resources. However, you'll also need to seek out this support.

Epilepsy Foundation of America’s online store is the place to find resources for managing your epilepsy, helping your loved one, and teaching others. Use these to help you build your support network and share with others!  Find these materials at https://proformaprostores.com/Category

  • Forms and brochures can be printed out or downloaded for later use. 
  • Some materials can be sent to you free of charge from Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee.

No matter how much you read or how hard you try, there is only so much you can do by yourself. While every family's situation is different and each child's condition unique, after a while just about all parents and people with epilepsy say the same thing: "Build a support network. Do not try to do it alone!" 

Connect with Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee directly for more information on any brochures you would like.