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The Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee is a non-profit 501(c)(3) agency providing educational, vocational, outreach and advocacy services to people with epilepsy, their families and their communities. We are an affiliate of Epilepsy Foundation of America and a United Way of Chattanooga participating organization.  Our resources are always free.  Please let us know what we can do to help.


This year's Studio E program is 4 weeks down and has 4 weeks to go! Everything has been a great success thanks to the Hart Gallery's leadership, the donations from Chattanooga Roller Girls, and to the volunteer OT students from UTC. Thank you to all that are participating this year!

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Click HERE to read a special article & see a special video made by University of Tennessee-Chattanooga students about the #OurStudioE art program.


A HUGE thank you to the , , LivaNova, , & our many volunteers who made our 4th annual a success!! Over 5,700 people got to learn about !     

Curious to learn more about epilepsy, seizures & their symptoms, and more?  Check out this EPILEPSY 101 video below. 

Visit our Youtube1 page to see more!  


Client thoughts:

I had epilepsy for several years before finding the Epilepsy Foundation. Before then I had been given sporadic care at best and knew very little about my condition. I felt much better-equipped to deal with it once I given the information I needed.  The help I was given with medication was lifesaving. Just knowing there is a place to go that offers support relieves my mind so much. “Thank you” can't begin to convey my gratitude.   ~ Jami, Apison, TN

When my son was diagnosed with epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast TN helped our family to develop a 504/Individualized Education Program to provide to the local school system. The Epilepsy Foundation has provided multiple resources, answered many questions that we have had, and been an answered prayer. This area is very blessed to have these resources.  ~ Amanda, Old Fort, TN

A patient was having a seizure during their appointment where I work, and the doctor said it wasn't a seizure because people can not walk during a seizure.  I stood my ground with the group of staff, explaining that I had seen a video of it during my recent Seizure Recognition and First Aid training from Epilepsy Foundation.  ~ John, Chattanooga, TN



From Our Board Chairman

Bruce Gentry

Hello and thank you for visiting our website! As Board Chairman, I want to encourage you to use all our services available, which are free to all people in the Chattanooga area with seizure disorders and epilepsy. We have recently added additional staff to accommodate those we serve. I would love to hear about your experiences or if you have ideas to better serve our community. We want to know how we are doing. Please contact me directly at brucegentry@comcast.net.

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1 in 100 has epilepsy. We are here to help.